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A career as a brewmaster may be a good choice for individuals interested in managing the beverage production process. Read on to discover the key educational requirements and job outlook for brewmasters. Career Information for a Degree in Agriculture Degrees in agriculture range from farm management to agriculture science and journalism. Find out about the requirements and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for agriculture graduates. Account Manager Vs. Business Development Manager Account managers and business development managers share the responsibility for a company's financial gains. Find out how their techniques, salaries, and job growth opportunities differ. Account Manager Vs. Sales Manager Explore the differences and similarities between account managers and sales managers, especially their salaries, degree requirements, career outlooks, and major responsibilities. Communications and Journalism   ( View 129 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for Journalists Working as a journalist can logically lead to other jobs within the field of media. Positions that allow one to persistent and creative in their pursuit of storytelling are where journalistic skills will be best utilized. Advertising Account Coordinator: Salary & Job Description A career as an advertising account coordinator may be for you if you are creative and possess strong communication skills. Take a look at the job duties and potential salary for this career here. Advertising Jobs for People Without a Degree Advertising is a creative career field that often requires a degree of some kind. There are some jobs available in advertising that do not need an undergraduate degree. This article addresses some of those ad careers. Advertising Manager Vs Marketing Manager Advertising managers and marketing managers both work with an organization to gain public interest in a product or service. Read about some differences and other important career information. Alternative Careers for Writers A writing career may be of interest to some, but writing can also be a skill that a professional utilizes in another career. Many fields offer opportunities to write or work with written material regularly. Computer Sciences   ( View 131 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for Computer Programmers Computer programmers can develop professionally in several careers. These three examples provide information on salary rates, job growth projections, and qualifications needed to make these advancements. Advancement Opportunities for Database Administrators Database administrators play an important role helping companies store and access data. After working in this field, database administrators may wish to move into other positions working with databases or information security. Alternative Careers for Programmers Computer programmers with programming experience may find that they can take advantage of their training and experience to pursue a number of other computer-based professions. Some career options for programmers are explored in this article. Application Architect Vs. Enterprise Architect Application architects build computer programs for businesses and consumers, while enterprise architects establish the technological environment of a company, and readers will learn about the similarities and differences between these careers. Application Architect Vs. Technical Architect Learn details about the differences between application architects who design software and technical architects whose job it is to design the plans for making changes. Read about their salaries, career growth, and main responsibilities. Culinary Arts and Personal Services   ( View 39 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for Cosmetologists The work of cosmetologists can help clients look their best. After working as a cosmetologist, some professionals will wish to utilize their skills in other positions in the beauty world. Explore a few other job options and their outlook. Alternative Careers for Chefs Chefs prepare menus and oversee the work of kitchen staff to offer high-quality meals to their customers. Learn about a few of the alternative careers that may take advantage of these skills, as well as each career's education requirements. Barber Vs. Hairdresser Want to get that sharp haircut you saw in a magazine? You are probably going to see a barber or a hairdresser. Find out the differences between barbers and hairdressers, including their salaries and clientele. Beauty Jobs that Pay Well There are many different jobs in the beauty industry, from hairstyling to writing for beauty magazines, and several jobs have good earnings potential. Find out about some of these jobs, their median salaries and their education requirements. Cannabis Chef: Jobs, Salary & Training Cannabis chef is an emerging position in the marijuana industry. This article discusses the training required to work as a cannabis chef, as well as provides a salary figure for chefs and head cooks in general. Education   ( View 713 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for Special Education Teachers Special education teachers often possess outstanding skills working with students with disabilities. For professional advancement, they might want to consider other careers within education or in fields related to counseling. Advancement Opportunities for Teachers Teachers have the opportunity to advance their career in several ways, whether moving up or to a similar position. Here we'll look at a few jobs that teachers could go after. Affirmative Action Coordinator: Job Description & Salary An affirmative action coordinator plays a crucial role in helping companies develop a qualified, diverse work force. With a bachelor's degree, you can start your career as an affirmative action coordinator. Agile Coach: Job Description & Salary Agile coaches help train and motivate staff to implement agile methodology in their workplace. What agile is and what agile coaches do are explored in greater detail here. Alabama Art Teacher Certification Requirements If you are interested in teaching art in Alabama, the traditional route to certification is to get a bachelor's degree. You will also need to successfully pass several state certification examinations. Engineering   ( View 296 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for Aerospace Engineers The next time you see an airplane in the sky, remember that there is an aerospace engineer somewhere that made it all possible. This article explains the requirements for aerospace engineers to take an advanced career path. Advancement Opportunities for Civil Engineers Civil engineers maintain and develop infrastructure. After working as a civil engineer, professionals may advance by specializing in an area of civil engineering, planning development projects as an urban planner, or managing other engineers. Aerospace Engineer Vs. Mechanical Engineer Aerospace and mechanical engineers both work with mechanical systems but the products they design perform very different tasks. Continue reading to learn more about how these careers compare. Air Quality Engineer: Job Description & Salary Air quality engineers play a vital role in ensuring that the air is safe to breathe. This article looks at their typical tasks, how their roles can vary based on their employer and the salary expectations for air quality engineers. Alternative Careers for Chemical Engineers People interested in working as a chemical engineer are often creative and have strong math skills, and these skills are needed for many other careers. Read on for highlights of five careers that are also suitable for chemical engineers. Legal   ( View 61 Articles ) 911 Operator Advancement Opportunities 911 operators work at call centers to provide immediate assistance in emergency settings. These professionals may wish to seek career growth in other emergency or prevention positions. Alternative Careers for Lawyers Those interested in law and the justice system may be drawn to a career as a lawyer, but there are a few related career options that might be worth considering. Learn about five of these careers, and get details about their education requirements and salary statistics. Alternative Careers for Paralegals People interested in working as a paralegal often have strong communication and research skills, traits that can be utilized in many other fields. Read on to learn about five alternative careers that may appeal to paralegals. Annual Giving Officer: Job Description & Salary A career as an annual giving officer may be a good choice for individuals interested in managing fundraising campaigns for organizations. This article will cover the primary job duties, educational requirements, and job outlook for this position. Best Jobs for People with a Criminal Record There are several good career options available to individuals with a criminal record across various job fields, including technology and art. Find out about some of these jobs and get information on each position's median salary. Liberal Arts and Humanities   ( View 117 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for Social Workers Social workers have developed skills in counseling and resource management. They may seek advancement through leadership in social services agencies or advanced clinical mental health professions. Air Force Combat Arms Jobs The Unites States Air Force protects the country's airspace and those of its allies. Sometimes this calls for the use of force and combat. This article discusses five jobs that could fall under combat arms in the Air Force. Alternative Careers for Social Workers Find out about a few of the alternative career options for social workers that range across several different job fields. We also discuss the median salaries, expected job growth rates and education requirements for each position. Archivist Vs. Curator If you've ever had an entertaining and educational day at the museum, you have archivists and curators to thank. Archivists preserve and organize important historical items, while curators manage the purchasing and displaying of these pieces. Archivist Vs. Librarian Are you interested in getting information into the hands of those who are looking for it? While archivists and librarians have different daily responsibilities, both are vital to the preservation and organization of informational materials. Mechanic and Repair Technologies   ( View 77 Articles ) 3D Printing Technician: Salary, Training & Job Description If 3D technology interests you, then a career as a 3D printing technician may be for you. This article will cover the education and skills needed for this career. Advancement Opportunities for Carpenters Carpenters have the opportunity to work on wide ranges of projects. As they advance in their career, they may wish to explore specialized fields within construction that would provide them the opportunity for advancement. Alternative Careers for Automotive Technicians Those interested in working as an automotive technician often have strong customer service skills and are detail-oriented, both of which are useful in a variety of careers. Five alternative professions are covered in this article that may appeal to automotive technicians. Alternative Careers for Electricians Those interested in working as an electrician often have strong critical-thinking and troubleshooting skills, both of which can be valuable in many careers. Read on to find five similar professions that may appeal to electricians. Architect Vs. Contractor Architects and contractors are both responsible for the design and construction of buildings, but there are some differences between these careers when it comes to the specific roles and tasks they have. Medical and Health Professions   ( View 387 Articles ) Advancement Opportunities for EMTs Emergency medical technicians are important providers of basic health care in emergency situations. EMTs may wish to advance their careers by seeking further training in specialized medical careers, or by pursuing positions of an organizational or management nature. Advancement Opportunities for Medical Assistants A medical assistant could return to college and eventually become a registered nurse, healthcare administrator, or physician assistant. Let's go over the these jobs and what it takes to get them. Advancement Opportunities for OB Nurses OB nurses are registered nurses who specialize in caring for mothers before, during, and after the labor and delivery process. After working in the field, OB nurses may wish to consider other professions that allow them to specialize in working with mothers or newborns. Advancement Opportunities for Pharmacists There are several career advancement opportunities for licensed pharmacists. An overview of three such possibilities is presented here along with salary information and job qualifications. Advancement Opportunities for Physical Therapists Physical therapists work with patients to provide physical rehabilitation. Some may wish to use their experience to pursue managerial positions; or further their education to work as a specialized physical therapist or a physician. Other   ( View 536 Articles ) Active Careers for Introverts There are several different jobs for introverts who prefer to have a more physically active career. Take a look at some of the career options along with salary and job growth information. Advancement Opportunities for OB/GYNs OB/GYNs, who specialize in treating women's health concerns, may seek areas for advancement. They may look to specialty areas in obstetrics and gynecology, or they may consider a role as a professor. Adventure Careers that Pay Well Those who seek adventure can explore careers across different job fields, including several that pay well. Learn about a few of these professions, their education requirements, median salaries and expected job growth rates. Agreeable Personality Jobs One trait of the Big Five personality theory is that of agreeableness, which typically indicates the desire to put others before oneself. Learn about some of the available jobs for this personality type, as well as their median salaries. Air Quality Specialist: Job Description & Salary Air quality is essential for people to be able to survive, but it is affected by things people use every day, such as vehicles. Air quality specialists help determine how to prevent or limit pollution. Read on to learn more about this career. Physical Sciences   ( View 62 Articles ) Alternative Careers for Chemistry Majors There are a variety of professions for chemistry majors that differ from traditional chemistry-related career paths. We will look at these options in greater detail, discuss educational requirements, and job responsibilities. Aquarist: Job Description & Salary A career as an aquarist may be a good fit for those interested in working with and caring for animals. This article will cover the primary job responsibilities, educational requirements, and job outlook for this service-oriented position. Career Info for a Degree in General Science & Technology General science and technology education can translate to several vastly different professions. Continue reading for an overview of career options and educational requirements, as well as employment and salary statistics for graduates. Career Information for a Degree in Environmental Studies An undergraduate degree in environmental studies typically allows students to choose a career-based concentration area within this broad field. Find out about the requirements of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary information for environmental studies graduates.

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